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Fehu Rune-F

SKU: F-01

Item F-01

Corresponding English Letter: F.

Common Meanings: Money, Wealth, Abundance, Success, Cattle, To Attract Something.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver, Oxidized (to bring out the texture)
Inner diameter – 6.5 mm.
Size: 11mm х 8mm
Weight: approximately 2 grams
Worn: as a Pendant or Charm Bead (chain is sold separately, but these pendants/beads will fit on most chains, cords and charm bracelets that You might already have as long as it’s under 6.5mm in diameter), could also be worn as Beard or Hair Bead Jewellery.

Fehu Rune, Nordic Runes, Silver Rune Pendant, Viking Runes, Rune Charms, Women’s Pendant, Men’s Pendant, Nordic Jewelry, Elder Futhark, Viking Jewelry.

Out of stock

Shipping Details
Weight: 0.5 lbs
Dimensions: 4 × 4 × 2 in
Category: Collections, Men, Necklaces & Pendants, RunaMe, Women

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