Jewellery Designer

Olga is a designer who is immersed in the arts and approaches at design from a very distinctive viewpoint. Her European background is clearly evident in authentic creations. Olga loves flowing lines, symmetry and contrasts. She draws upon art, history, and archaeology and sprinkles in nature to create items that are “wearable art”. In a world where so many designs “look-a-like”, Olga’s creations are refreshingly different.

Olga’s goal as an artist is to be innovative and to make a statement with her jewellery. She believes that jewellery reflects unique personality of the individual. Her jewellery is elegant, sophisticated and different.

Olga Tkhor has a unique experience in designing custom jewellery and jewellery collections for various clients (including the Shopping Channels) and has an in-depth knowledge of the Industry and the jewellery trends. She has a very impressive portfolio of her unique work to show to her clients and is fully capable of rendering a piece from concept to final physical completion.

Contact Olga for custom design of jewellery by email: design@cadeauferri.com

Designer Olga Tkhor

Professional achievements

George Brown College

Advanced 3 year Diploma in Jewellery Arts

Schindler Technologies Corporation

Advanced course in “Jewellery Design with Rhino & Rhino Gold”

Platinum Unlimited Award

Technical excellence in jewellery making

Gesswein Canada Award

Outstanding initiatives in technical explorations